Matt Hallett

Rhythm Guitar


John Deacon

Bass Guitar


Dominic Vermeulen-Smith

Lead Guitar


Sam Brawn


A welcoming, all-inclusive sound you’re sure to enjoy. Building upon our collective love of music, passion for playing and extreme-willingness to entertain the people, we make music that people can relate to every bit as much as it makes them dance, move and groove.


More inspired than they’ve ever been before – The Machete is stoked to be able to share their vibrant & versatile sound with the entire world. The new EP reflects their intricate and precision-playing at the height of their own creativity and the band has never sounded better than they do right now. Pouring every ounce of themselves right into their music to bring you the best rhythms, melodies and songs they’re capable of – The Machete is ready to move your mind, body and soul with their sincere & spellbinding new material.
True masters of their sound, their instruments and their gypsy-like style – these four players are ready to take over the music-scene and bring real flavor back to music for once & for all. Be ready to join in the fun & excitement. - Sleepingbag Studios

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