Shape Shifters: Fact vs Fiction


The Machete is a driven, passionate and charismatic band with a unique approach to their music. Their sound has ties to folk, rock and pop and strikes for its eclectic attitude and refreshingly ironic twist.
The band’s recent EP, “Chronicles of Ridiculous”, strikes for the excellent production values and for the band’s playful and carefree attitude.
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The Machete – Shape Shifters: Fact vs Fiction

Shape Shifters: Fact vs Fiction is a 3 track power EP,  with the wild exotic tones and melodies, bringing something new to the table of modern-day instrumental music.

Track listing:

  1. The One Eyed King & The Flying Guillotine
  2. Lost At Sea
  3. Claustrophobic Feet“Listening to them come out with as much flash & flare as this four-piece instrumental band creates on the opening track “One Eyed King And The Flying Guillotine” was an instant refresher/reminder of all the reasons The Machete has always been awesome.”
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