The Fawcett Inn Raffle Set 20.05.17

The Fawcett Inn

The Fawcett Inn, 20th May 2017

Were back at our spiritual home. The pub with the world’s greatest pun name and we’re putting on a raffle set.
When you win pick a song out of the hat pick a prize on the table. Easy and it’s all free!

The Fawcett InnIt’s a way of saying thank you for your endless support.  The tequila train is back which is  always good fun so look out for that in the bonus round.

Top prizes is a  £50 Ticketmaster voucher.

Ticketmaster covers a wide range of events from musical theater, live concerts to a day with the family. Other cool prizes include a portable barbecue set with cool bag which is awesome.

Dancing water speakers. These are LED lit and when the music plays it bounces the water around which is mesmerizing to watch.

Table prizes include free drinks,  some machete t-shirts and CDs up for grabs, plus a copy of our new EP.

Why are you doing a raffle set? 

It’s a fun way to encourage people to come to the gig and who doesn’t like to win a prize?
Our aim is to put on a night that people will remember and talk about, and yeah sure we’ll encourage you to buy a cd but the rest is on us.

The Tequila train is a dance floor filler. The rules are simple.

When the song starts everyone link arms, when the time is right one at a time we shout Chico before nailing back a shot of tequila. Then we kick in the funktastic end to Chico and everyone goes crazy. Lots of fun.

It doesn’t help are playing much but everyone else is loaded on tequila so we get  away with it.
We don’t encourage  irresponsible drinking but we do encourage community drinking so have a good time, know your limits and dance your ass off.

So 20th of May 2017 come join us at The Fawcett Inn.
If  your too far away or you just straight up don’t wanna leave house have no fear we’ve got you covered. It’ll be streaming live on our facebook page from 8pm.

Cheers for now
Matt, Dom, John, Sam
The Machete

Click here to check out the Facebook event

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