The Machete EP Take Dos review

The Machete EP Take Dos

The Machete EP Take DosA short version of a review from Sleepingbag Studios on The Machete EP Take Dos.

The Machete – Take Dos – EP Review

Alright…I’ve been waiting to talk to you all about this exciting band based out of Portsmouth, UK called The Machete for a while.  Not all on me, I assure you!  The Machete has been putting the final touches on their Take Dos EP for a couple months since I first heard their music…and I’ve been stoked to talk to you about it the moment I could get my hands on the songs.  Which is happening, right now…as I’m sure if you’re reading, you can tell.  What I should also mention though…was that while I was hasty in my want to communicate what I hear in The Machete’s new EP…I probably should have requested an official copy!  The band was kind enough to let loose the full line-up of songs…but I have absolutely no clue what order they’re supposed to be in – so forgive me on that one…in terms of layout and discussing the songs on Take Dos today, this might just be all over the place – you’ve been warned!

And while I’d never make any claim to being one of the smartest reviewers you’ll find out there, I did satisfy the due diligence of looking as well – but I couldn’t find the official line-up yet, so we might still have this record in advance of its official release.  I can find samples on the internet…and…well…oh hey – look at that will ya?  Here comes one now!  Convenient timing or what?

In short…to wrap this up…I guess what I’m saying is that I cannot fathom the amount of memory, skill and intelligence it would take to make the music The Machete makes.  To remember this material…to play it as well as they have…I think this band deserves a whole ton of credit.  With the wild exotic tones and melodies they create, they’re bringing something new to the table of modern-day instrumental music – and the sheer enthusiasm and passion in these recordings radiates from every angle of this record.  Big fan of this band…I think The Machete is really onto something that a lot of people out there will definitely dig on – and I think the entire Take Dos EP is completely worth your time.

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