Unsheathing Truths: The Machete Manifesto – Episode 3

Join us in Episode 3 of The Machete Manifesto as we delve into the heart of our podcast’s origins and explore the driving forces behind our passionate conversations.   

Get the scoop on the latest buzz from the ice breaker festival, where we’ll dissect the freshest news and unravel the intriguing narratives that emerged.  

As always, we’ve curated a playlist of tunes to tickle your auditory senses, creating the perfect sonic backdrop for your journey with us.

 And, of course, be prepared to rewind time as we vividly re-live the unforgettable Silver Ball incident that left us all in stitches.  

Sharpen your curiosity and wield your headphones as we cut through the chatter in this episode that’s bound to leave a lasting imprint on your ears and mind. 

The Machete Manifesto: Unsheathing stories, one episode at a time.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/zoDO9NWmw-g?si=Stw_Ha1OS_mS5RUK 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3xIHcpq8SnFJOAiZdRuyDa?si=15c2a410d55b4d00 

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