WarriorFest 2017 Beer Music Food Pirates


WarriorFest 2017.  July 29th the dudes at Staggeringly Good brewery are hosting a party on board HMS Warrior in Portsmouth. Beer, dinosaurs and….pirates! The perfect combo for a Saturday evening. I first met Joe and the gang through the beer shop I manage, the Southwick Brewhouse, they came in with some beer samples for me. So I instantly…

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The Fawcett Inn Raffle Set 20.05.17

The Fawcett Inn

The Fawcett Inn, 20th May 2017 Were back at our spiritual home. The pub with the world’s greatest pun name and we’re putting on a raffle set. When you win pick a song out of the hat pick a prize on the table. Easy and it’s all free! It’s a way of saying thank you…

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