Disturbed on the road to The Pyramids!

It was back in 2001 when I first found myself queuing up outside the pyramid centre in Portsmouth. With my sister Vivica and brother-in-law Guy. We were there to see a band called disturbed. So as you can tell I was a young teenager heavy metal fan but this was the first proper gigs I…

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Virgin Kite Surfing Armada – What an Awesome Festival!

The Machete Virgin Kit Surfing Armada

I had said just last week about how Portsmouth gets a bad name but has some awesome stuff when I was writing about our gig at the bandstand. OK, so this wasn’t in Portsmouth, it was on Hayling Island. You might need to look it up if you’re not from round here… But, the point…

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The Bandstand! Finally!

The Machete @ The Bandstand

Not sure if it’s just my perception, but the city of Portsmouth gets a bit of a bad name. For some reason people seem to have the impression that it’s a bit of a s**t hole of a place. True, there are some parts of the city that could do with a bit more TLC, but where…

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The Machete EP Take Dos review

The Machete EP Take Dos

A short version of a review from Sleepingbag Studios on The Machete EP Take Dos. The Machete – Take Dos – EP Review Alright…I’ve been waiting to talk to you all about this exciting band based out of Portsmouth, UK called The Machete for a while.  Not all on me, I assure you!  The Machete…

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